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The name – Psiog

Psiog –

The name Psiog draws its inspiration from the triumvirate of words steeped in three different cultures – Sahayog from Hindi, Samyoga from Sanskrit and ‘Psi’ from the 23rd Greek alphabet (ψ). All meaning collaboration, confluence, and to tether together.

Psay Psiog!

‘Psi’ as in ‘Psy’chology, and og as in Y’og’a – and you’ve got the name Psiog right!

Digital change agents

Psiog Digital is a pure play software services organisation based out of Chennai, India. With clients in North America, EMEA & APAC, Psiog’s services currently span the Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Hi-Tech, Financial Services, Retail and Automobile industries.

With technology and digital transformation at the core of its services, Psiog specialises in the areas of operational efficiency and customer experience. By leveraging both, traditional technologies and state of the art digital platforms, Psiog bridges the gap between Business and IT. Psiog’s services employ a unique modified Agile methodology and tight knit onshore-offshore model, designed to quickly lead its clients into a world of digitised operations and customer centricity.

These service offerings are at the cusp of business and technology, and include building, curating, packaging and maintaining applications for mid-market organizations embarking on digital transformation.

Backed by years of experience in the industry, Psiog marries process best practices in software development with the nimbleness and flexibility of a boutique consulting firm. Psiog’s raison d’être is customer success, one that the team at Psiog lives by. Everyday. Values and organisational ethos, as laid down by the founders and leaders of the organization are deeply imbibed in all teams, and remain central to Psiog’s culture.

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